Return to Zork

MAKER: Datawest
RELEASE DATE: 05-27-1995
STYLE: Adventure

  As the name implies, you return to the land of Zork to embark on yet another epic adventure.  
  This is the kind of thing you could only imagine in your head back on the Commodore 64 when you played Zork 1, 2, and 3.  Now the adventure unfolds before you with beautiful scenery, interesting (ok they are kind of corny.  It's the 90s.  There's FMVs.  It's expected.) characters, and of course, an intriguing story.

This game is absolutely Zorky.  If you like Zork you'll like this.  If you like text adventures, welcome to the 90s.  Now they're visual!  You'll like them still, I promise.

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