Super God Trooper Zeroigar (Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar)

RELEASE DATE: 8-8-1997
STYLE: Epic Shooter

  Grab on to your seat for one of the most spectacular vertical shooting experiences ever made.  Zeroigar delivers heart thumping action, beautiful graphics, gigantic bosses, killer tunes, and very dramatic, very well done anime cut scenes to tell the story of this amazing game.  You don't want to miss this game.  
  This is easily in my top 5 vertical shooters of all time.  I am a sucker for the dramatic, extremely heroic/badass story and cinema sequences in this game.  The only way it could have been more badass is if it were a Captain Harlock shooter.

The game treats you to beautiful 1942-ish fighter pilot excitement and then suddenly throws futuristic spaceships and power armor in your face.    As you progress, you get more and more futuristic, and find yourself drooling more and more at all of the visuals.  The environments you get to fly through and blow things up are completely awesome.

Lets not forget the gameplay.  The controls are very tight, there are a wide variety of enemy types/attack patterns to deal with, there are various power ups, and special weapons to use, and then there are the bosses.  Oh man.  The bosses are killer. 

I also like that the game requires more than just: "get powered up, hold button down, drool while dodging things, win".  You really have to pay attention.  In this game, rather than powering down your weapons til death, you have a health bar.  Some things that hit you (including bosses) will leaving you frantically going OH CRAP OH CRAP.  Dying means starting the level over.  How's that for hardcore?  Better get good at special weapons use and skillful dodging.

The game also features enough game modes and variety to make it really worth your while.  Time attack is a nice way to perfect your skills at this game. 

The games biggest drawback is its price, and its obscurity.  Do yourself a favor and experience the game.
   Buy this game.  

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