All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling: Queen of Queens

RERELEASE DATE: 03-24-1995
STYLE: Sports (Fighting)

Control popular Japanese female wrestlers in an exciting, fast paced FMV battle.  
  This could also be considered a fighting game like Battle Heat or Tengai Makyo Karakuri Kakutoden .  In fact it's the same kind of game.  I classified it as sports since the sports genre on the PC-FX needs more than a baseball game, and wrestling IS a sport!

The basic premise is similar to battle book games (like Queen's Blade).  You pick your character, time your attacks/special moves and let er rip.

You'll watch yourself doing your special move, followed by your opponent's reaction to it and vice versa.  For the first few attempts at playing a game like this, you will be wondering what is even going on.  Once you are used to the mechanics, you will find that the game is fun and involves more strategy than your usual fighter.  Button mashing won't get you anywhere.

This game has very solid gameplay.  The sounds are pretty fitting, and the visuals are great as well.  These are real human beings on screen, and they look extremely crisp.  The whole game is a bit cheesy.  It's got the same sort of corniness to the animation that you'll find in Mortal Kombat.

The 90's were interesting..

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