Ruruli Ra Rura

RELEASE DATE: 2/20/1998
STYLE: Action Platformer
RATING: 2.5/5

  A side scrolling action platformer game featuring multiple characters, each with varying talents.  What follows is a zany adventure through all kinds of nonsense.  
  Yikes.  This game is rough.  It presents itself like Popful Mail with issues.  Meaning, it is chock full of zaniness, has solid controls/characters, but lacks polish.  For a game in 1998, it could have done a lot better.  I was disappointed.  This is the Faces of Evil of PC-FX games.  It was so close to being great.

For starts: The graphics.  The FMVs are great.  However, the in-game graphics look like some crap you'd find on a free sprite sheet site.  They animate spastically and look stumpy, but not in a cutesy way.  The bosses have that bad pre-rendered wannabe 3D look to them.  The environments are hit/miss.  Some look ok.  Others look awful.  I expected better, especially with how exciting the intro movie was..

The music: Ok, the SFX and Music are good.  You have obnoxious sword swinging screams, and goony spell-chants.  The slash/thud/bang noises are nicely done also.  The music is CD audio.  Its wonky action music.  Just what you would expect in a game like this.  It's not repetitive, its not obnoxious, and its catchy.  Yay.  They got one part of the game right.

The gameplay: Damn.  It could've been great.  The enemies are all pretty ho-hum and you can plow through them with little effort.  You can recruit more team mates to use, each with different abilities.  These abilities allow you to advance through the levels.  You switch them at little tents that look more like gravestones to me.  You have to think before you go barreling around as the wrong character.  Even the braindead spiders will demolish Miss Wizard Lady.  She'd lose a boxing match against a kitten.

The bosses in this game are about as hard as a 3 year old's jigsaw puzzle.  If you lose to the bosses you probably fell asleep. Bosses aside, the levels themselves are all pretty simple to wander through especially since the enemies are inept.  I found myself jumping over stuff just because it was faster than walking.

On that note, you climb ladders at a pace that makes sloths look like they're breaking the sound barrier.

All in all, the game is medicore, especially for 1998.  It's playable and tolerable if you want a really off the wall action game.  It is by no means great, and has enough redeeming qualities to make it not-awful. 

If you can score the game on the cheap, its at least worth a few hours of your time..

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