Kokū Hyouryo Nirgends

MAKER: Micro Cabin
RELEASE DATE: 06-28-1996
STYLE: Action

  Take to the skies in this flight simulation action adventure! Full of real-time 3D flights, detailed characters, and thrilling FMVs!  It's an adventure you won't forget.  
  Micro Cabin never disappoints.  This game is another one of those underdog games that falls by the wayside while everyone is complaining that the PC-FX is a white dating sim box.  This game has pretty sweet first person flight sequences.

Aside from the flight sequences, the game features the best of what you'd expect from a PC-FX game: Crisp visuals, and sweet cutscenes.

Another action-style game for all you non believers. You just have to like first person flight sim style games, with mid 90s 3D.

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