Galaxy Fraulein Yuna

MAKER: Hudson Soft
RELEASE DATE: 03-08-1996
STYLE: Digital Comic

You're Yuna, the Savior of Light!  Attend school, play mini games, destroy evil monsters, and more in this PC-FX digital comic.  
  The 5/5 rating may be my Yuna bias kicking in.  The second you start the game up you get to enjoy the happy go lucky introduction sequence with an overly catchy theme song.

Then, you battle an enemy using the games turn based battle system!  You pick an attack/action, time it, and hit the button!  With a little practice you'll get the hang of things.

Battling aside, the game is very happy.  You talk, choose options, interact, enjoy the scenes, and then play tons of mini games! 

So, if you like Yuna and digital comics (the two go hand in hand!), you should play this game.  If not, give it a shot.  You may become a fan!  It's a game all PC-FX owners should own, even if they don't like the game.  Kind of like Duck Hunt.

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