Fire Woman Matoi-gumi

MAKER: Tokume Shoten
RELEASE DATE: 12-20-1996
STYLE: Action RPG Dating Sim Hybrid Extravaganza

Become one of the Matoi-gumi at your new highschool in this high school dating sim filled with RPG elements AND fighting elements!  Talk about a three way.  
  It's a highschool dating sim that controls like an RPG, and throws in actiony battle scenes!  The mix is done very well.  You have ample choices to make in this game.  You can pick all kinds of girls to talk to, and can even manage to juggle more than one at a time. 

The AV department does not disappoint either.  Between the very cutesy sprite work and a smooth cutscenes, there is no disappointment to be had.

What I like most about this game is the general setting and sequence of play.

The sessions to increase your statistics are funny little sequences. The dating sim portion is well executed, and the battles are light so you can just continue interacting with the game as opposed to panicking.

It's overall a very cute, well put together, typical highschool drama anime sort of game. If you are unable to experience the story, you can, at the very least, enjoy gooning around with the sim portions. They are a bit quirky/comical.

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