Farland Story FX

RELEASE DATE: 11-08-1996
STYLE: Strategy RPG

Save the girl in this extremely animated strategy RPG for the PC-FX!  
  A very Japanese-Required-To-Fully-Enjoy kind of game.

That being said,  the game doesn't really require any real knowledge of Japanese to play.  It has full mouse or pad support, has friendly, very accesible menus, and plays very well.  The battles are hilarious.  Nothing beats very awesomely animated SD characters stomping around.

The visuals, sounds and gameplay are all wonderful.  The visuals especially.  It's very smooth. 

If you like games like Der Langrisser, this is the game for you!  If you don't like those kind of games, who cares?! Give it a shot anyways.  You might be surprised.  Plus, who can turn down SD battles? At the very least you get a solid strategic experience akin to a tabletop battle game, with a story you have zero clue about.

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