First Kiss Story

MAKER: Hunex
RELEASE DATE: 04-24-1998
STYLE: Digital Comic / Dating Sim

The last game released on the PC-FX, and one of the greatest dating sims of all time.  
  It's one of the cutest girly games you will ever play.  All of the characters and all of the interactions will make you go =3.

The quality of the art and animation in this game is beyond perfect.  The girls are very animated and very lively.  Each character is unique!

All in all, the stories you will experience are hearth warming. Even if you have zero clue what is going on and you're simply fumbling through hoping for boobies (there's no full boob. If you are looking for that, you meant to play Pia Carrot.), you'll pick up on all the emotions, and,  If they don't touch you inside and make your heart grow like in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, than you are a sad individual..

Plus, there's a pretty comical homoerotic scene. 

Basically, this is the kind of game you play if you want to be overloaded with cute. This is my kind of game.
  Beat the game and unlock Hunex Fighters '98.  Yep. A fighter, hidden in a girly game.  Suck on that, haters.  

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