Detective Ladies

MAKER: Headroom
RELEASE DATE: 05-31-1996
STYLE: Action/Adventure

A strange isometric action/adventure/puzzler!  You stomp (ok, you sneak) around the stages evading traps, and fighting enemies.  Also as the name implies, it involves ladies. ;)  No, not like that.  
  It's based off of "Debutante Detective Corps". So, if you are a fan of that, you will hopefully feel at home with this game. I didn't. I would've rather played as one of the girls, instead of the dude you're stuck with.

This is an interesting isometric puzzle/action game. You're a thief who's being pursued by the hot girls that we've already mentioned.

I honestly didn't like it at first. It took a few tries for it to grow on me. It gets better as you continue playing. Especially once you get over the disappointment of not playing as one of the girls.

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