Dragon Knight IV

RELEASE DATE: 03-28-1997
STYLE: SRPG (of the naughty variety)

You're Kakeru, the perverted son of Takeru.  You're a boobie craving swordsman on a quest to see some naked chicks, and fight some monsters.  All in a day's (and night's, if you're lucky!) work!  
It's Dragon Knight 4. Like the first 3, and any game by ELF, it's a solid game (an SRPG that leans heavily towards playing like a normal JRPG), with boobies.

I did not realize this until recently, having played this on PC-FX first, and then the original on PC98 later: PC-FX got hosed. The good, and I mean GOOD parts are removed. There's still some "ooo" and "ahh"ing to be had, but now, I am a bit disappointed in this game.

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