Deep Blue Fleet

MAKER: Micro Cabin
RELEASE DATE: 03-31-1995
STYLE: Strategy

  As Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, command your naval fleet in epic World War II battles in this alternate historical timeline!  Why is it alternate?  Because Yamamoto died in a plane attack in 1943!  You control Yamamoto after some freak magical transportation where you use your knowledge of the future to alter history! .... at least I think that's how it goes.  
  This game.  Wow.  If you like very detailed strategy games, this may be the only game you actually need for the PC-FX.  I hate historical crap.  World War II, boats, war, it's all boring to me.  I love Deep Blue Fleet.  The strategy elements of the game are so well done that I can cast aside my hatred of historical boat nonsense just to enjoy the thinking involved with this game.  The visuals are awesome as well.  The in-game graphics for your battles look clean and vibrant, and the cutscene sequences are plain awesome.

The only catch is you have to kind of wing it until you figure out the menus and how to play.  Once you've got it all down, this game is amazing.

Most things Micro Cabin creates do not disappoint.

Also, the game references Deep Blue in the title.  Deep Blue is awesome.

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