Comic Road

MAKER: Cocktail Soft
RELEASE DATE: 09-26-1997
STYLE: Digital Comic

  You're an aspiring manga artist dreaming to be famous.  You'll stop at nothing to achieve your goal!  Work part time jobs, and try to get your art accepted somewhere big!  
  This is a very cute, and somewhat dorky game.  The main character cracks me up.  Her glasses take up 99.9% of her face. That alone makes it worth at least looking at. 

To be honest, this game surprised me.  I was really expecting something boring, and a bit cheesy.  Instead I found it to be pretty fun despite not being able to fully grasp the story/interactions. 

Without being able to understand the text, you're left with doofy, cutesy simulation stuff. Nothing extravagant.
The art and music are great, as usual (most PC-FX games look and sound great! >=])

This game is by no means something I would suggest to the new PC-FX owner, but once you are acquainted with the system, this is one game you should give a shot, even if just to experience the quirkiness of it.

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