Cutey Honey FX

MAKER: Datawest
RELEASE DATE: 11-10-1995
STYLE: Digital Comic

You're Lovely Warrior Cutey Honey, the hot combat android.  Do your usual (transform into various forms), and battle all kinds of monsters and robots in this text filled adventure extravaganza for the PC-FX.   Based off of the OAV of the same name.  
  If you don't like Cutey Honey, stay away.  If you don't like digital comic (lots of reading) style games, stay away! 

If you like Cutey Honey, or girly battle maiden shows, and you like digital comics, definitely check this game out!

I'm a Cutey Honey fan, and I like digital comics.  I thought this game had a slow, boring start. Once it got going, I really liked it.  The visuals are crisp and colorful, the animated sequences are great, the music is nice, and the story is what I would expect from Cutey Honey.  The way you interact with the game is very fun as well.  A lot of times you are presented with a still shot anime scene, and you get to click around and poke people and see what you get out of it.  It's sort of unique in that regard, and they pulled it off very well.


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