Chip Chan Kick!

RELEASE DATE: 09-13-1996
STYLE: Action/Platformer

  An arcade style game in the spirit of Bubble Bobble, complete with cutesy characters, panty shots, and illogical enemies!  
  When the PC-FX is talked about, this is one of the first games to get mentioned.  It plays like Bubble Bobble (well, more like Parasol Stars, but hey, that's Bubble Bobble 3!).

You can play as Chip, or Chap.  Then you embark on an obnoxious quest to save the day. 

It's cute, it's colorful, it plays very well, and sounds great.

It's got panty shots and humor!  Overall, it is an awesome game for you to have in your PC-FX library.  It could be considered a Bubble Bobble 4 of sorts. 

If you like Bubble Bobble, I bet you will like this. 

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