Boundary Gate: Daughter of Kingdom

MAKER: Pack In Video
RELEASE DATE: 1/24/1997
STYLE: First Person RPG

  A classic CRPG style game for the PC-FX, Boundary Gate has you embark on an epic quest to save a very expansive kingdom and it's citizens from treacherous evil creatures.   
  Wow. When I first stumbled upon Boundary Gate, I practically wet myself.  Being a huge fan of games like Bards Tale, Might and Magic, and Legacy of the Ancients, I was immediately in love with this game.  All classic CRPG bias aside, this is a very solid game.  It's even better than some of the classics.  The game features some very beautiful artwork.  Both the gameplay graphics (wandering around, and fighting battles), and the cutscene graphics look beautiful.  The music is very fitting and sets a nice tone for the events in game. 

I found the sense of immersion you get from this game to be very nice.  It had a very "Skara Brae" feel to it (The 1st Bards Tale game).  There are even time shifts.  You'll get to experience day and night in this game.  Night is very eerie.

The game also has your standard JRPG feel to it as well with the way you navigate menus, deal with your characters, and interact with the game.  This makes it a bit more accessible than some of the older CRPGs.  No manual required here! 

Even if you can't read the story, you can manage to play the game and enjoy the solid gameplay it offers.  If you can read the story (which is pretty good!), even better!!

I recommend this to any PC-FX owner who loves a good dungeon-crawler style RPG.  Skipping over this game would be a huge mistake.
  Make maps so you don't get lost.  Use graph paper and start in the center of the page!  The little auto-mapper will only get you so far!!  

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