Blue Breaker

MAKER: Hunex
RELEASE DATE: 09-27-1996
STYLE: Very Long, Epic RPG

  A very. long. RPG.  Long in a good way.  It's also very unique, slightly tricky, and has some girly interaction too.  What could go wrong?  Nothing.  That's what.  
  This was the first PC-FX game I played that wasn't Yuna (I'm a sucker for Yuna).  I was floored by this game.  It is sad that a game such as this is hiding on a system with a rep for being a lame, inaccessible dating sim box.

The art style and atmosphere of this game is charming. It will fill you with the warm, fuzzy, tingling sensations that you get when you watch your favorite anime that you haven't seen in years.  The music could stand on it's own.  The amount of detail you experience in this adventure is pretty amazing. It's trying something different, and does it well.

The gameplay itself is great as well.  It's a truly unique RPG and one of the last of its kind. 

The battle system is side-scrolling action oriented. 

Blue Breaker is one of the myth breakers for the PC-FX.  If you disagree, play it.  Become one of us.

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