RELEASE DATE: 12-23-1994

  Control one of eight glorious fighters in a cinematic battle royale fight to the DEATH!  The game utilizes the FMV power of the PC-FX to deliver stunning animated fight sequences between you and your opponent!  This isn't your normal spritefilled fighter!  It's like watching fight sequences in an anime!   
  This is an odd game, and it is one of TWO fighters for the PC-FX.  It is not your normal quarter circle fireball snore fest fighter.  Instead you control your characters in a sort of "action/reaction" game that is all about timing.  Button mashing will get you nowhere except dead.

It took me awhile to get used to the game and the way that it plays, but once you make some progress (landing hits, understanding when to do what), you will find that the game is pretty awesome.  It offers a different kind of fighting experience that feels a little more involved to be honest.  You have to stay on your toes and pay attention!  No cheese exists in this game, that I have seen at least.

I really like the visuals.  They're smoothly done, and very detailed.  You really can find yourself thinking you're watching an anime.  It also reminds me of those battle books (Queens Blade, etc.) where you and your opponent trade books.  Then, you both choose actions, turn to the appropriate pages, and react accordingly while staring at the everchanging artwork on each page.  Battle Heat captures the strategy and enjoyment of those games perfectly.

Also, it was a launch PC-FX title, and is one of the easier games to locate dirt cheap.  You can't really go wrong with a dirt cheap, innovative fighting game.

It is kind of a shame this sort of fighter did not take off.  I'd love to see what kind of stuff would be going on today.  Battle Heat HD-Remix!

  Extra Fighters
During the opening cinema press IV, VI, II, II, V, V, VI, V, RUN.

PC Engine Warning
Insert the disc in a PC Engine CD or TurboDuo to enjoy a SD warning screen featuring all of the characters from the game.

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